Owari No Seraph: Crowley Eusford x Reader

Owari No Seraph: Crowley Eusford x Reader

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jazzyberryfizz By jazzyberryfizz Updated Dec 08, 2016

"Ah but what can a lost little lamb like you do" Crowley sneered "You don't have any money, you're not good at combat, you're reluctant to get your blood taken and to top it all off you're all alone and completely at my mercy~" he chuckled. "Truly a poor little lamb!".


You've been a prisoner of the third vampire capital, Samguinem ever since you were 12 when the disease outbreak killed your entire family. Now that it's been 3 years, your beauty has caught the unwanted attention of a certain red head. Story comes with an extremely jealous Chess Belle hehe 
(Published on the 1st of January, 2016) 
UGH sorry I don't usually write stories so I really suck at summaries ;u; forgive me

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lswirlycookiel lswirlycookiel Oct 11, 2017
Okay, I already know this is going to be bootiful. I just finished the whole 2 seasons of this in a day. And im going through a mental breakdown. Thats why I need fanfics after an anime. FANFICS SAVE ME.
If it’s illegal for vampires to kill in the capitol, why are they risking killing Yumi?
Why would Vampires drink unhealthy blood or risk losing inventory of livestock by damaging one unnecessarily? Farms don’t do that to their livestock, I just can’t imagine a vampire would want to take sickly blood.
poiisonrat poiisonrat Aug 19, 2017
Honestly I just started reading this and it is far from great! Thank you so much for making this, I am a hardcore Crowley obsessed fan and I love reading those amazing fan fictions 👍🏻👍🏻 keep on
colourful-cats colourful-cats 4 days ago
I love Ferid & Crowley equally. BOTH DADDY MATERIAL. I would make a joke about sucking but,, well,, heh
tiane- tiane- Dec 28, 2016
                              But in fan art, and the official art, his hair is often a light of purple to grey