Hush {{ Ladynoir }}

Hush {{ Ladynoir }}

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Filia Carissimi By FiliaCarissimi Updated Nov 10

Everything in Adrien's life is going horribly wrong.  After being rejected by his love Ladybug as his alter ego Chat Noir, the heartbroken hero finds himself falling for the black-haired classmate who seems awfully familiar.  

Marinette has been crushing on Adrien for years.  Tired of never being able to catch his attention, she turns to her friend Nathanël, who has always been there for her.  But why can't she seem to tear herself away from the one she'd always considered nothing more than a close friend?

The worlds collide as chaos grows, secrets are revealed, and the crime fighting duo will never be the same in this miraculous tale of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

(cover by me // @roseyxdraws ig and tumblr)

                              So she traded the pigtails for a ponytail because the pigtails represented her and Chat like friends or partners and now that she broke that bond there's only one left
                              Or I'm in too deep
                              OH THE FEELS 
We all know a different way she caam carry the Agreste name...
Oh no poor Adrien I know Gabriel is never around but a father is a father
You and me both, Plagg
                              This coming from a girl who tried to comfort a little kid about their dead fish by saying that 'you don't have to take care of them anymore'
I don't understand why everyone is flipping over Chloé's reaction.
                              I mean, I hate her as mush as the next person, but still
                              She is a human and she has feelings