After All... |a Raura fanfic|

After All... |a Raura fanfic|

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#adorkable By rausllybear Updated 3 days ago

you think falling in love is about holding on. but it's not. it's about gripping the edge of the world and letting go finger by finger. 


-The Universe Of Us

rockysbaer5 rockysbaer5 5 days ago
@ writer, U B- IMM DSUODS 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
You can l literally hear every Raura fan sigh in this paragraph
mt2002 mt2002 Jul 06
Umm yeah? Hello? They have known each other longer than you Courtney... :]
-Skylol- -Skylol- Jun 19
I feel so upset now 😭😭all this hope I'm barley holding onto
R5myidols R5myidols Jan 17
Oh you secretly dating her? No biggie👌...
                              HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL US THE RAURA SHIPPERS (WHO CARES OF COURTNEY) WHY? WHY ROSS? ok i'm good now
R5myidols R5myidols Jan 17
Don't worry *takes gun* i will take care of it *puts bullets in gun* *smirks* Routney shippers hunting season now open