after all.. | raura

after all.. | raura

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you think falling in love is about holding on. but it's not. it's about gripping the edge of the world and letting go finger by finger. 


-The Universe Of Us

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rockysbaer5 rockysbaer5 Aug 14, 2017
@ writer, U B- IMM DSUODS 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Mal_Dragon Mal_Dragon Oct 05, 2017
                              I'M THE OLD DANIEL BRYAN!!!
Mal_Dragon Mal_Dragon Oct 05, 2017
Oh god!
                              Oh god!!!
                              "I miss you more Laurbear"
                              "I miss you more Rossy"
                              Something is wrong with me
Cessvillaruell Cessvillaruell Aug 30, 2017
1. Break up 2. Married laura 3. Invite the raura shippers in your freakin wedding 😂 4. Have kids 😏 hahahaha lol
-Skylol- -Skylol- Jun 19, 2017
I feel so upset now 😭😭all this hope I'm barley holding onto
Mal_Dragon Mal_Dragon Oct 05, 2017
Got a problem?
                              Catch him outside
                              And I'll be in the p parking lot
                              Time to call Jerry Springers security guards