The Boys From Brazil

The Boys From Brazil

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Kanye West By thatkidwho Completed

"I'm out of order? You're out of order! This whole courtroom is out of order! Ah, man I love cappuccino and his movies."

"You mean Al Pacino."

"Yeah, same thing."

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Humor #25

sunshine772 sunshine772 Dec 23, 2016
Yassss I'm home lol I miss Brazil sooo much anyone also from Sao Palo
Such lies lol i would have laughed and said "im insane and i am a serial killer nice to meet you too"😂😂😂
Kshinault13 Kshinault13 Nov 07, 2016
I'm only 5 ft and I'm 13 I'm a inch taller than my mom and shorter than all of my friends and my boyfriend
23StoryTeller 23StoryTeller 6 days ago
LIES ALL OF THEM I TELL YOU LIES...hahaha lol tell me one thing tho...are they hot? Because all can be excused if they are hot. ;-)
_TheLifeOfPablo_ _TheLifeOfPablo_ Sep 11, 2016
Ainda estou tentando me decidir se eu quero ler esse livro ou não 😕
sunshine772 sunshine772 Dec 23, 2016
Oh yea don't mind us we will tell you our names and hope you join our book club.