The Angel from Hell

The Angel from Hell

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theswanprincessgirl By theswanprincessgirl Updated Nov 24

After a poker game gone wrong, Killian Jones inadvertently looses the love of his life Emma Swan. She is forced to go to the Underworld until further notice. One Savior-less year passes in Storybrooke and suddenly she reappears. There's just one problem...she can't remember who she was before she was taken to the Underworld and something has happened to her that will shock everyone. The threat of a new villain compromises Storybrooke and all its citizens. Can the heroes stop the villain and get back their Savior?

Note: Robin does not die and Zelena is sent back to the Underworld with Hades by the Olympian crystal (I started writing this and got ideas for this story before 5B aired so it probably won't line up exactly with the show as I go but I will try to keep it as canon as possible as I continue. Sorry if it gets confusing)

I do not own the characters that appear on Once Upon a Time

vchang2 vchang2 Mar 13
Aahhhh the feels hitting agaiinnnn😭 perfect beginning 👏🏻
emmakoslow emmakoslow Jan 02
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD START TO A GREAT STORY!!!!!!! Can't wait for chapter two