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Sparks will fly ( Laxus X Reader )

Sparks will fly ( Laxus X Reader )

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Hannah of FairyTail By hannahadams1000 Updated Mar 14

You, (f/n) (l/n), are the greatest thief in all of Fioré. You can break into any place with ease, and never trip any magic alarm made to man. With all the disguises combined with your acting you can get information out of anyone. You are the master of stealing and trickery. No one can catch you. Until someone does. Laxus Dreyar of the Fairy Tail guild, but he doesn't turn you in right away and you can't help but wonder why, and what is to become of you when you are dragged into his life. Are you destined to hate your capture forever, or will stronger feelings emerge? And will he decide to let you go, or will he turn you over to the authorities? Sparks will fly, and relationships will be put to the test. But will you change your ways, or are you destined to always live your life as a criminal?

I'm poop at descriptions just read it it's good I promise. :)

When he said "is that better princess?" I immediately thought of shrek and him saying it in shreks voice😂😂😭
Hey yo! Freed home dog buddy chum pal home bread slice buddy chum buddy chum pal chum buddy pal home slice lemme just pass you and take one more diddly darn step out that door-
oxoxo_Mewow oxoxo_Mewow Jan 10
Idk if I should laugh or be offended.
                              Low key relationship goals, should I punch you or kiss you?
This book is really good so far! I wish I started reading it sooner 😂 Great job!
I completely forget what a tube top was and had to look it up 👌
That's great! That's just freaking amazing! I do this all the time to guys when they're jerks but it don't work 😂