The Disguised Billionaire

The Disguised Billionaire

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When your parents tell you that you have to move halfway across the world for reasons they can't seem to tell you about, what will you do?
Protest and list off the reasons why it's a horrible idea, of course. Just like what one girl did.
Amber Lee.
She's the daughter of the multi-billionaire, James and Eliza Lee, have two absolutely drool-worthy brothers, a pretty face with an interesting personality to match, and she's being forced by her parents to move to Canberra for two years and come back right after. Only problem is, people can't find out it's her.
But when her brothers pay her a visit at the wrong time, she has to do everything she can not to let her friends find out the truth she is so badly trying to hide. But why?

Because her parents told her to, of course.
And so, the pretense begins.

Sequel for this is already out! It's titled The Troubled Billionaire.
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Eru_123 Eru_123 Jul 23, 2016
Ayyyyye Detroit 🙂 Michigan! Even if I like Irish better then the Wolverines 😊😁
jacalynchen jacalynchen Feb 05, 2016
Are you serious? She gave up just like that?
                              If that was me I would've made such a big fuss until she told me why
kinjalnmody kinjalnmody Aug 28, 2015
How do you pack pretty much all your stuff in under three hours?
                              Some people might be able tondo it, but I sure can't.
1095pjm 1095pjm May 09, 2015
maybe it's a typo and it's really meant to be Zayn? oh my gawd I need to stop
chic_chihuahua chic_chihuahua Apr 22, 2015
No offence to Canberra but I hate it there... It's so boring
lil-bit-truculent lil-bit-truculent Sep 16, 2013
Lol this is good, but the reactions of the characters in the book are REALLY unrealistic but other than that its great