Can't remember to forget you-W.T(Phoenix,AZ-Wes Tucker second book)-NO UPDATES

Can't remember to forget you-W.T(Phoenix,AZ-Wes Tucker second book)-NO UPDATES

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Jenna By IIJennaII Updated Sep 08, 2016

'Never go back to an old love,no matter how strong it is,because it's like reading a book over and over again when you already know how it ends'-Anon

Well,too bad Bianca loves a good ol' book.

After finishing high school,what was next in everybody's vision for Bianca was,of course,university.Everybody had high expectations,parents,teachers,even the students at her school.Hard work payed off when she got into Stanford University.She thought this was it.But she didn't expect him to be back.
After leaving her in pain,Wes was back to get his girl.Bianca changed,but did Wes change as well? She's angry at him and doesn't want him back.Why did he have to show up and ruin her life after she
finally set it right?

------"You don't deserve to be here.I work hard and study to be here and you don't even care,it's unfair.Why don't you just leave? Give up already,i told you i'm done with you" i said
  "You know that's not true.And i know it too.Because every time i get close to you,every single time
i come in contact with you,your hearts start beating faster and faster.I can see it in your eyes" he said
as he stepped closer,his hand cupping my face and his lips brushing over mine as he spoke------

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okokhaylee okokhaylee Dec 29, 2015
My prayers have been answered!!! I'm so happy your starting a second book