Demigod Future With Wizards

Demigod Future With Wizards

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It's after the giant war and Leo has returned with Calypso. It has been a year, Percy and Annabeth are 19 and about to leave for college in New Rome when Hecate arrives with a quest. Percy and Annabeth must go to teach at a famous wizard school and make allies. This school: Hogwarts.

Harry Potter is returning to Hogwarts two months after the war. Professor Slughorn has resigned in favour of Professor Snape who faked his death to motivate Harry. There will be two new teachers. One for ancient runes and one for DADA. Harry believes that there's nothing for him to learn from a DADA teacher. That will change quickly when he meets the Heroes of Olympus.

See what happens next...soon.

Rocking85- Lol!!! I'm trying not to laugh during my test!!!

I would like to thank all of the amazing people who read this book and all the awesome people who are going to give my story a chance. Please also check out my other stories.(Mostly PJO/HoO/HP)

Sequel is up "PJO/HoO/HP Future:Kids".

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