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Me Or Her

Me Or Her

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pretty_niquee By pretty_niquee Updated Feb 20

Janelle and Tony have been bestfriends since their 6th grade year in middle school. No one would accept Janelle for who she really was except Tony. They're now in their Senior year of high school and feelings are starting to develop more and more as the days go on. Who will Tony choose? Janelle, the bestfriend?  Or Her, the "girlfriend" ?

hestolemynutella hestolemynutella Jul 23, 2016
Wayment 😩 my best friend girlfriend would end my life before it begin fück outta hea
cuteguys1 cuteguys1 Dec 27, 2016
*Pulls out machete * time to go all Jason voorhees on yo ass
AlexzzDiamond AlexzzDiamond Jun 16, 2016
Friendly ? Girrrrrrrrrl what he look like i'll tell you if that was friendly or not 😂😂😂