Chick Magnet | Wattys2016

Chick Magnet | Wattys2016

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paris By teenintoxication Updated Oct 10

It takes approximately twenty-one days for a chicken egg to hatch.

For Samantha James, that means spending the next three weeks with her school's Chick Magnet - a boy with enough charm and devastating good looks to make any girl (Samantha included) rethink her self-imposed dating hiatus - doodling on and giving nicknames to a dozen eggs, guessing Jelly Belly flavors, and getting into some rather awkward situations.

Five parts cliche, three parts comical, and one part awkward, this is the science project you won't want to miss!

Definitely excited to start reading this, it sounds amazing!
reboots reboots May 02
back at it again with the cute plots! why haven't i found you sooner?!
- - Feb 27
This sounds interesting asf! Can't wait for the chicks to hatch😏
I clicked so fast when I saw the adorable little cover omg baby birds are my weakness
Hatching cute fluffy baby chickens coupled with an equally cute fluffy romance story. Yep I'm excited.
you had me at 'giving nicknames to dozen eggs'. jfc this sounds super cute! can't wait xx