Meant to be Mine .... (Harry styles/werewolf fanfic)

Meant to be Mine .... (Harry styles/werewolf fanfic)

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Mariam By MyDirectionxD Updated Sep 28, 2015


 Isabella Harris was a normal sixteen teenage girl.

She had a normal life , normal friends and a normal family which by the way contains one family member who's her brother Jake, and if you can add her best friend as she's more like a dear sister to her.

Bella was this shy girl that never wanted to be called a trouble maker. A  straight A student that no one would complain about having her by his/her side.

Well, she doesn't know that there's a guy that has been watching her from the very beginning, he has been protecting her since the day she was born, has been her guardian. 

Weird, right? And slightly annoying, She belongs to no one, right? 

But according to his rules and his nature, 

She's wrong.



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hiyagahlot hiyagahlot Jan 18, 2017
Most teenagers think school and all that stuff is he'll but for me school is heaven because l have good grades ,l am the most popular, all guys want me and l have loads of friends.
ambrosic ambrosic Jun 22, 2016
Twins, twins, with good chins, there names are Jack and Finn (Fandom members will get this) 😂
knivesandskittles knivesandskittles Dec 08, 2014
I know exactly what she school has that couple too
amal_spero97 amal_spero97 Feb 02, 2014
i like the way you said that she was already HIS ;) interesting beginning x
spectrumstyles spectrumstyles Jan 22, 2014
Even before reading the story, I can say it's gonna be amazing because of the cast *_* Alexandra Daddario? Jack Harries? SHIT!!