CAGED (Lauren/You)

CAGED (Lauren/You)

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Hayden By HaydenDeluca Completed

20 years ago, a child was born, her name is Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. She was injected with a new viral experiment. Her parents however, didn't know what would happen. 

A strong and happy five years later the viral experiment inside of Y/N started to show symptomes, the flesh on her back would randomly start twitching or her eyes would change to bright red. These questions her parents had were answered a couple of months later, when Y/N her back exploded in two giant dark grey colored wings. Her parents didn't know what to do, so instead of sending her off to school they kept her hidden. Hidden from peoples sight, Hidden from society. 

Years passed and Y/N just turned 17, however her home started to get boring. The teenager longed for friends and people around her other than her family. But they just couldn't put her out in the world. 

One year passed once again as Y/N decided to run away from her parents, away from captivity, away from everything. Without any help or an education 18 year old Y/N ran away to LA, One of the most successfull cities. 

She soon turned 20 when she learnt she could shape shift. The reason why her eyes glowed when she was still a kid. Everything seemed to be fine. She lived somewhere in the woods in a cabin where she could develope her powers which were Fire, Flying and shape shifting, she didn't know it would only get her in trouble.

Five beautiful, talented girls run into her one day, little did they all know, it would completely change their lifes.

Would the girls be able to free Y/N? Or will she stay CAGED in the dark depths of her powers, trying to figure out why she was like this?

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thisperson19529 thisperson19529 May 30, 2017
Wait so can she like contract her wings back into her back and then pop them out when she wants to?
rayrayc3 rayrayc3 Nov 24, 2016
Ok woah I steal something from them and next day boom friends and Lauren instantly being possessive wow that's fast as hell
haizforever haizforever Nov 16, 2016
Actually my real best friend is so savage af but I love them 💗🤓