Save me from the monster

Save me from the monster

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The team goes to Frankfort,Kentucky for a case and gets help 5 year old Halle Anderson, an orphan since she was 3 and her parents are suspects for a murder in her home town.

While during the case,Derek Morgan gets attached to Halle and she gets attached to him.Will he adopted her or let her be?You have to read to find out

(Sorry I'm really bad with summaries)

But to think of it she might have a bipolar disorder along with being a little high-tempered and delusional, from what I gathered
Lol my name is Hayley not Halle and my last name is Anderson xD lol weird
Showing him anything that could be evidential for a case such as this one whis is a little too revealing but it'll help the team. It will help find the M.O and the suspected person.