Magic [NYSM]

Magic [NYSM]

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ShesDeadNow By ShesDeadNow Updated Sep 12

"Rule one of magic. Always be the smartest in the room."

  "Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Jack Wilder, Merritt McKinney and Cameron Grey."

-иσω уσυ ѕєє мє-

  Cameron Grey is an all time magician at her home London, she was given an offer to join four other members to form a group of magicians. 

  Their goal? They need to find The Eye, with magic and a little bit of mischief.

  Who is tracking them? Dylan Rhodes, the FBI

  What their name is? The Five Horseman. 

  Hilarious. Right?

Pickatu108 Pickatu108 Aug 29
OMG UR A MAGICIAN!!! TEACH ME UR WAYS YODA!!! *cries in distance and whispers* yas queen
RebeckyEv2 RebeckyEv2 Jun 17
When your name is Rebecca, but you definetely arent as skinny as Henley. 😂😭😭
Jupiter45 Jupiter45 Jul 08
I feel like that represents New York Street Magicians. But it's Now You See Me
Definitely her and Daniel!! It's so creative and I honestly loved it!