All I wanted Is A Smile (Levi X Depressed!Reader) ModernAU

All I wanted Is A Smile (Levi X Depressed!Reader) ModernAU

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V-v By VivyAvina Updated Jan 25

You thought you lived a happy life, with a bright big smile and with love. Until one day, at the age of 12. Everything changed, your parents doesn't even care about you anymore. Your siblings seems to hate each other. And you? Well you were out of sight. You don't even know what's happening. Your life at school becoming worser and worser.

Age 16, nothing changed. Still the same, no one even wants to be friends with you. They think you were just a weirdo, punk and worthless. And many more. All you had was just Mikasa. She is the best friend you ever had. You know you were totally depressed. And she also knew it. You hate it. Because it keeps worrying her, and you don't want her to worried about you. 

Until, you met a guy. He was cold, has none expression except being annoyed. He is good looking but I guess you know what's gonna happen if you keep reading this book.
I'm not so good at writing stories, but this is the only best I could do.

But the more you read, the more you fell in love to it. (I hope so lolololol ;-;)
Hope you enjoy ^^

xhopexlallyx xhopexlallyx Nov 01, 2016
Well I wouldn't put up with this I would of strangled a bit©t with an I phone charger
Yandere-Levi-Lover Yandere-Levi-Lover Nov 28, 2016
                              SOMEONE PLZ MAKE MY EMOTIONS CALM DOWN (; - ;)
Levi______9 Levi______9 Feb 04
It's good so far but the gramner is horrible sorry if you from another country other then to use then it's okay it just means your learning
yandere-kuudere yandere-kuudere Dec 19, 2016
I wish Mikasa was my friend in real life. I need a friend like her...
_-Wendy_Marvell-_ _-Wendy_Marvell-_ Dec 18, 2016
B appretiate SHE's TRYING TO F...
                              I AM triggered  xD 
                              Sometimes this is me wtf
_-Wendy_Marvell-_ _-Wendy_Marvell-_ Dec 18, 2016
I'm ...not that much of an ..."leave me tf alone"
                              When I'm depressed xD
                              I'm More like "I want to crumble alone and tell u to leave me tf alone but I need you!" type xD