| Your My Stepbrother |

| Your My Stepbrother |

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jerrrrryyyyyy :) By calebsadventures_ Updated Jul 27, 2017

I walked away from him angrily but he grabbed me pinning me against the wall.

"Malak stop! Your my step brother" I screamed. His face was dangerously close to my face "do you really want me to" he mumbled.

When I didn't reply he started to kiss my neck "that's what I thought" He mumbled.

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Ooooh here,  ooooh, here and I can't wait ill we can break up outta here excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this an antisocial specimen
My apologies but I would’ve said the same thing! If anybody would’ve replaced my mom I would cry!
No nigga you sexy as hell I am going to look at you when ever I want to even in the shower!
She just said she was goingnto move in with a lady and her son.
httpitzme httpitzme Jan 26
This is my second time reading and I love this book but dread the ending especially cuz there is no sequal😭😭
xayRILEYxay xayRILEYxay Jan 20
I would’ve said the same thing. It ain’t her fault, she won’t ever be her mother... she didn’t give birth to her so she don’t gotta call her mom