| Your My Stepbrother |

| Your My Stepbrother |

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jerrrrryyyyyy :) By calebsadventures_ Updated Jul 27

I walked away from him angrily but he grabbed me pinning me against the wall.

"Malak stop! Your my step brother" I screamed. His face was dangerously close to my face "do you really want me to" he mumbled.

When I didn't reply he started to kiss my neck "that's what I thought" He mumbled.

I would be went off on her real quick I am very bipolar so don't duck with me😂😂😂😂😂😂
This my songggg "ohhhhh here ohhh here ohhh I asked my self what am i doing here ohhhh here ohhh here and I can't wait till we can break up outta here"
no shade but tell me why I thought this is a black book like with mix ppl
I would've said NIGGA if you don't remove yo dirty ASS hands off my face
I understand how she feels at least you have a better step mom than me bc mines a bitch