| Your My Stepbrother |

| Your My Stepbrother |

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jerrrrryyyyyy :) By calebsadventures_ Updated Jul 27

I walked away from him angrily but he grabbed me pinning me against the wall.

"Malak stop! Your my step brother" I screamed. His face was dangerously close to my face "do you really want me to" he mumbled.

When I didn't reply he started to kiss my neck "that's what I thought" He mumbled.

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thebabykay thebabykay Aug 24
wHOA, BITCH CALM YO SELF BEFORE I START SWINGING. if i yelled at my dad it would be game over
the lady got you a muthafricken computer
                              *DAMN* UNGRATEFUL WRECH
iesha421 iesha421 Aug 21
Annoying?! Girl katherine took her time and money to get you that computer you ungrateful spoiled brat!!!!😒
renee_1206 renee_1206 Nov 28
I have hair like that and it can be really annoying when you constantly get the brush stuck in your hair
xWritessx xWritessx Oct 08
When he said this , For some reason it reminded me of xxxtentecion
beauty1013 beauty1013 Aug 25
You should be loyal she got you something to be easier to do homework she so nice to you being a bitch