✔ Random Whatsapp | Jungkook

✔ Random Whatsapp | Jungkook

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"How did you get my number?"


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ElizlizHere ElizlizHere Jan 02
Wtf nasa pilipinas ka ba??? Jk...pls dont kill me I beg of u!!!
Kankira Kankira Jul 25, 2017
It's "if you're bored" kookie, just fyi. Otherwise you're calling the girl boring.
MissSwagPotato MissSwagPotato Dec 31, 2017
Investigate? Your the police? *put my hands up* I surrender!
mychainis3dollars mychainis3dollars Aug 04, 2017
To say it better is is investigate
                              But to be savage the FACT is that it is STALK
MrLonlytheoneandonly MrLonlytheoneandonly Nov 10, 2017
Juancock I know you like me but can you pLEAS STOP PUTTING WINKY FACES AFTER EVERY DAMN SENTENCE?!?
jeonjk_d jeonjk_d Jan 18, 2017
I have a Octillion boyfriends. (I had to search up what number was bigger than Septillion, apparently Octillion has 27 zeros)