✔ Random Whatsapp | Jungkook

✔ Random Whatsapp | Jungkook

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"How did you get my number?"


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vhyungtae_ vhyungtae_ Mar 03
Funny how the readers commented that it's jhope...seriously? It took me bunch of times trying to type hobi's name..jhoe, jhole, jope, jhoe again and again.
Plualien Plualien Feb 10
... okay imma use this as a excuse to stalk my crush...wait wat?
ElizlizHere ElizlizHere Jan 02
Wtf nasa pilipinas ka ba??? Jk...pls dont kill me I beg of u!!!
MissSwagPotato MissSwagPotato Dec 31, 2017
Investigate? Your the police? *put my hands up* I surrender!
Plualien Plualien Feb 10
Everyone is just like why babe bish? And im just here laughing coz my brother calls pigs babe lol
vhyungtae_ vhyungtae_ Mar 03
Kai? Rich?mm... $uhoe? Princess? It can't be Jin because he's the princess so maybe...Kris? Lol