Learning to Love (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Learning to Love (Kylo Ren x Reader)

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A/N: The introduction will be fairly quick so we can move on to the main story. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments section or by messaging me. 

*This is the first x reader that I have ever done so wish me luck and I hope you enjoy!

* 3rd Person POV *

After the events that previously took place involving a rogue storm trooper and a wookie, Captain Phasma has been ordered to train another soldier to take her place. According to General Hux, she has become too weak. She is no longer able to fulfill the duties that are required of her to keep her position. 

In order to avoid corruption, Phasma travels to the outer rim to find her successor. There she finds a young girl, who is no more than Y/Age. She appears weak at first glance and stands about Y/Height. The captain sees great potential in the fragile young girl and decides this is the girl who will take her place. She believes that she can be sculpted into a perfe...

snapeofyouu snapeofyouu Apr 28
am I the only one who thought about Hawkeye and Wanda's conversation in AOU ahaha wrong fandom
Yellowfang101 Yellowfang101 Jul 27, 2016
I've know him for about twelve seconds and I'm already his apprentice...
Yellowfang101 Yellowfang101 Jul 27, 2016
So was I just walking down the street one day and then Captain Phasma walked up to me and was all like "You're my successor now." and I was just all like "Kay. I've always wanted to join The Dark Side anyway."
yellowpup yellowpup Apr 28, 2016
Fine ill be the person at the party that sits in the bathroom and is on their phone the hole time....
aestheticblossom aestheticblossom Dec 23, 2016
Ooo so far I'm glad I chose to have an age gap story!!!! I'm 14 and he's 21!!!
hahaharley hahaharley May 19, 2016
Kylo crouching in the corner like a weirdo is my favorite thing