She's The Bad Girl

She's The Bad Girl

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Bring_Me_The_Fall_Out_Sirens By 1Jordan1 Completed

Audrey Morrison is the new girl in town. Her mother could no longer deal with her after she had a huge party and trashed the entire house. So her mom kicks her out and Audrey is forced to move to New York with her father. Shes the baddest girl around and everyone learns her name quickly.

She hated life before New York but a new school leads to new people and a real hot bad boy that's exactly like her.

Rhett Anderson has a big rep for being the baddest thing In town. But the second Audrey steps foot onto campus, he knows he has competition. 

And he knows he has to do something about it. 

Thinking she is just like all the other Barbie's at his school, he tries his charm. But will it work? Will his good looks and cocky attitude actually get to Audrey? Or will Audrey retaliate and try the same thing with him?

And in the end... Who will fall in love first?


Heyguys!I'm writing this story with one of my good friends @YourWorstNightmare41who used to be @AlyssaRedden.

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Ok so o read the description of this book  there playing a dangerous game of chicken I hope she stays strong and he falls first
Alyssapink123 Alyssapink123 Dec 10, 2017
*me trying to fit in with everyone else but secretly it's my favorite color*
                              Ew ugh pink gross 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 
                              Don't  judge liking a color does not make you girly
generalmafia1 generalmafia1 Dec 14, 2017
I was tinking of new York cause that's the only cheap ticket I know
I hate hugs to unless I havnt seen you for a long time or your my BEST FRIEND NATALIA:)
thaidaniel thaidaniel Feb 06
I wish I would curse in front of my but if I ever do here is a list things that you’ll need 
                              -Death Bed
                              And my sis got everything else that wasn’t a lot at all actually
I don’t mind being there when someone smokes because I can’t tell them what or what not to do but still I don’t like smoking why would I ruin two perfectly pink lungs for some that look like they got cought in a fire?