Heartless: A Fairy-Tale

Heartless: A Fairy-Tale

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Laura May By thelauramay Completed

(Previously published as 'Pickles and Ponies: A Fairy-Tale')

What happens when you take a heartless prince, a talking horse, a brain-washed princess, and a bunch of fish, and stick them all together in a world of puns? Ridiculousness, that's what.

Will the prince manage to rescue the princess? Will he break free from his curse? And most importantly, will there be a happily ever after?

Heartless is an adult fairy-tale (but not *that* kind of 'adult' fairy-tale) for the jaded and the young-at-heart alike. 


Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards Finalist 2014

"like a fantasy cousin to Xanth" - Piers Anthony

"a fairy-tale for grown-ups chiseled with sweet cynicism on a bedrock of puns" - Sorin Suciu, author of The Scriptlings


Any and all feedback is welcome!  Think I should change the cover?  The title?  The blurb?  Everything!?!  Let me know, I promise to be friendly :)

You can find the book on Goodreads here: www.goodreads.com/book/show/23255697-pickles-and-ponies, and my author profile at www.goodreads.com/thelauramay.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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SG_sapphire SG_sapphire Sep 28, 2017
My friend always pokes me...now I'm wondering where he got that from...mhmm
Christine_Owen Christine_Owen Sep 15, 2017
I love this. I love everything.
                              Bravo for such a story-telling voice!!
gottta-blast gottta-blast Jun 16, 2017
this has  been in my library for a year. i think its time to read
- - Dec 16, 2017
omg this outrageous eccentric originality coupled with the twisting of well known processes and ideas makes this entire thing so hilarious omg omg where has this book been?????
SG_sapphire SG_sapphire Sep 28, 2017
I keep reading the prologue over and over but I never jump into ch 1. Idk why.
                              I think I'm in a pickle too
- - Dec 16, 2017
O DEAD TGE NEW LOGIC BEHIND THINGS I THOUGHT I KNEW. •I've been lied to my whole life• 😂😂😂😭😂😂😂