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Mari By futurepresident Updated Mar 19, 2016

She hums the disco hit 'Rasputin' in class. She has an obsession with turtles. She's mildly allergic to her favorite food. She pinches people with her toes. She dances by herself. She wears her grandma's clothes. She regularly sings Disney songs, when she's tone deaf. She's smarter than everyone else.  Her solution to everything is Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream and a Harry Potter marathon. She named her cat Frodo Baggins. Her laugh is repulsive but oddly infectious. She's just...awkward. 

Yet Stevie Jade manages to attract the attention of the hottest baseball player in school.

This is the story of an awkward individual who comes across many life changing events while struggling to remain true to her awkward self. This is a story for many who struggle to belong to somewhere while finding solace in fandoms and the internet. This one is for all the Awkwards.

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Bookworm here, can talk what books you like all day plus add fangirling to the characters 😍😉
mike_25 mike_25 Apr 29
Uh, I always third wheel my friends and THAT us what I do. I literally yell at them and well smack their heads when they were too sweet.
5th wheel, yep, I been there, and its weekend getaway, only if I can getaway from them very faraway when they start tangling their tongues to their dates.
I wish i was ome of these people cause I feel like they're very relaxed the only time I can "zone out" is when I draw.
Once in 3rd grade a there was a boy who was allergic to peanuts. One day during lunch he said " I can't take it anymore", then takes out a Reese's cup and his epi pen, eats the Reese's and stabs the epi pen into his leg.
mike_25 mike_25 Apr 29
I found my other half like literally, where were you missing twin?