You Saved Me (Hetalia X Suicidal!Reader X 2p)

You Saved Me (Hetalia X Suicidal!Reader X 2p)

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Prussian-Cookies By DeniseUy13 Updated Jan 06

[Cover by: @BabyChris21] (On Hold)

A 14 yr-old girl named (Y/n) (L/n) goes on a crazy journey with her best friends Angela Kirkland, Isabel Margarette, and Andrea Gwen. And guess what? They're going on a journey with the Hetalia characters!

But too bad, Andrea and Isabel got kidnapped by the 2p's with out (Y/n) and Angela knowing about it. 

As the story goes on, it seems that (Y/n) had anxiety and depression. (Y/n) sometimes tries to commit suicide but fails at doing so. 

Then (Y/n) and her besties finds out that they already had met the Hetalia characters in the past. 

Shocked, they bombarded the nationa with questions and guess what? They will also have a journey through the past!

Then something shitty happened and they messed up the past a little. 

Will they ever fix their problems? Will (Y/n) and her best friends ever go back in their dimension? What would be the end of this story? Stay tuned if you wanna know!

XxMonomi_ChanxX XxMonomi_ChanxX May 30, 2016
WTF Isabel is the mother of Isobel, whats funny is there's an Isabel in my class and im the mother of her kinda XD
thelonelypotatogirl thelonelypotatogirl Apr 14, 2016
This is basically my life. Except the high school part. And the goal.
LunaTheDJ LunaTheDJ Jul 12, 2016
what's O.A.? <--- Doesn't leave safety of Hetalia filled room.