House Number 1402

House Number 1402

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When I was younger, I had one fear. I had one thing that always creeped me out. One thing that always gave me the chills. It was this large house that was on my street. House number 1402. That house had never had normal inhabitants and since the first time I passed by it, I hated it. 

When I went off to college I thought I was done with that house. I moved away and began my whole new life. Then on my 21st birthday, my mother asked me to come home. She needed my help, and I couldn’t say no. So, back home I went. Just like that. Easy as pie, I packed my things and left. 

That house was still there, and it still freaked me out. Even though I had planned on ignoring it completely, fate had other plans for me. There was always something about that house, maybe I just never looked at it the right way. Maybe from the start I should have dug deeper.
Maybe coming home wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.

roselyn2017 roselyn2017 Jul 27
I know the feeling I had this house at my aunt's very creepy a swere it was hanted one day it just disappeared the hole house I know because I was visiting my aunt's house that week spent the night
Why do I have a feeling I'm gonna be Ms. Chester when I get older? XD :'O
gummybears221 gummybears221 Feb 26, 2016
This is really good, I'm getting a supernatural vibe from this guy tho 🤔
Bibliophile_Potato Bibliophile_Potato Jun 30, 2016
When I was little, me and my friends were always scared to go to the end of the street on our bike's because we thought the house there was 'haunted'. I'm still creeped out by it but since there's no point in going there...why should I?
KTLata KTLata Sep 18, 2016
I lived on a Elm street and there was a house at the end of the block that no one lived in for years but everyone was afraid to even go near it. It was a very beautiful house, looked kind of like those Victorian houses but it was creepy as fúck.
Nicole565 Nicole565 Jul 15, 2014
@cryross ahh, im so excited to see that you're reading this. I can't wait to see what you think!