Always (A Daryl Dixon/ The Walking Dead Fanfiction)

Always (A Daryl Dixon/ The Walking Dead Fanfiction)

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Marie Bingham By ree_louise Completed

"It's you and me Daryl, like it always has been." I say, looking into his dark blue eyes.

"The way it always will be." He states.

I nod my head, a small smile on my lips, "Always."

Bree Winchester had known the Dixon brothers since she was running around in diapers. Living next door to the Dixon brothers came with its ups and downs. Daryl was her best friend growing up, he always had her back and she always had his, with Merle protecting the both of them. She had always liked Daryl but knew he never saw her that way. She knew that no matter what, Daryl would always protect her.

When the dead began to walk and the world went to hell, she ran off under the protective arms of Daryl and Merle. There they met a group of survivors and everything changed. With Merle's disappearance, a Bree is all Daryl has left in this new world. Will she be enough for him? Will their relationship change without the influence of his older brother? Can they become something more?

Copyright ree_louise 

I do not own any of AMC's stories or characters.

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-urdeadd -urdeadd Nov 13, 2017
Honestly I read that in a way that sam would yell at dean in Spn 😂😂😭😭 prey for me 🙏🏼
lil_guera lil_guera Aug 28, 2017
Usually when I read fanfics I don't really pay attention to the age cuz sometimes it just ruins it for me
lactating_potatoes lactating_potatoes Jun 19, 2017
Nobody should ever lay a fuçking hand on you regardless of what drug induced state they may be in
My name is breeann but some people think it's spelled like that idk why and bree is my nickname so it's really weird reading it
lactating_potatoes lactating_potatoes Jun 19, 2017
Is the hose a snake....????? Once again,
                              👈why are like this👈
SoulEatingNorman SoulEatingNorman Sep 10, 2017
I swear I'm dyslexic or something, I could have sworn this said Daryl and I was extremely confused as to why people were talking about spn until i went back and re read this 😹