Once Upon an African Moon

Once Upon an African Moon

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Mpho Lucy Mangole By LucyMangoXX Completed

Sebaga is the Chief's daughter. She lives in a small village in Botswana, Southern Africa and has no intention of marrying anyone. Unfortunately, she has no real choice in the matter. It is tradition that she be wed at her age; the ripe old age of eighteen! 

The Chief has decreed that any man who can tell a story from sun-up to sun-down shall be the one to marry his daughter. Sebaga is not happy with this decision but there is little she can do to change her father's mind. 

As each day passes and story after story is told, Sebaga worries that her options are running out. If she cannot defy her father by not marrying a man of his choosing, then perhaps she can delay the whole process for a bit longer. However, there is only so much that she can do. 

Through her family members, as well as other strange and wonderful characters in her life, Sebaga learns life lessons and meets unforgettable characters as we get to experience moments in her life, her parents' lives, her sister's life and perhaps the life of the man who shall tell the longest tale. A long enough tale to become the man that Sebaga marries.