Love in the Maze (Newt x Reader)

Love in the Maze (Newt x Reader)

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Y/N was sent up to the Maze midway through the trials due to her disobedience and disloyalty to W.I.C.K.E.D. She becomes a sister to all the Gladers but becomes quite close with a certain blond boy with a funny accent. 
Is it love? Or something that will cause everything to fall apart?
When a twist in the trials occur, how will Newt cope with it all, how will the whole Glade cope?
Will it be a happy ending? Just wait and see... 

- Don't own Tmr series, the Amazing James Dashner does
- I don't own you, you own yourself
- I didn't create the cover, this amazing cover was made by @fandomfuneral who is awesomely talented, show them some love

- Variations in the story line 
- Some characters that are not mentioned in JD's books
- The words that are written in this book (Apart from quotes from the book)

when you get so happy that someone spelled colour right cuz ur from Canada