Hell's Gate {Prison}

Hell's Gate {Prison}

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Why do they call it Hell's Gate Prison? Because only the top male criminals end up here - in hell. The criminals here aren't top hackers or terrorists; they're cold, hard, up-close criminals who've stolen, beaten, and/or killed people. Not always for the wrong reasons, but what does the judicial system care? To keep control of all these men, you would think the prison was kept in check by guards and wardens. But Hell's Gate is called its name by the prisoners for a reason. Because on the outside of the gate, you're safe, but on the inside, you're burning in hell. 

And it's up to one prisoner whether you prosper or perish. 

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Same I didn't get it and ugh I hate JayZ he gets on my last freaking nerves
Wait when they say don't drop the soap is it because it could get stolen that makes so much more sense now
KikiEmin KikiEmin May 06, 2016
It's sad how writers have to warn readers about relationship between two men or women like it's not normal :(
WILL DO! I PROMISE! THis sound good, I'm going to read this when I'm done reading the book, I'm currently reading.. lol
Harlchan Harlchan Jan 21
(In regards to the pic) I'd ride that saddle all night ;3 
                              (sorry had to)