His Infidelity

His Infidelity

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"I do."
"I do."

I remember it like it was yesterday, I felt like the most happiest woman ever. It was like a dream come true,getting married to the man I love. He swept me off of my feet when we met. He confessed his love for me when we were at the beach but the saddest thing is people change.
Mary-Kate Lothario is possibly the most happiest woman ever. I mean why wouldn't she be,she married the love of her life Donovan Lothario,they live in a beautiful home together,they are madly in love with each other.
Or are they?
Sorry if there are any mistakes. There is a mistake in chapter one,instead of Don I put Don't

SEQUEL IS: My Happily Ever After

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You said in the description that you mistakingly put don't instead of don. If youre so aware of that, how come you didn't fix it? That's all I came here to do, so byeee.
Miasensei Miasensei May 14
Wait what. I expected them to divorce but I read the last chapter.........
Shes so cute and adorable and i feel thats its horrible that he is cheating on her (if he is)
when_sparks_fly when_sparks_fly Mar 14, 2016
I really think he is bipolar, because in the first chapter when she said 'I love you' he doesn't answer back. Than now, he is being all cuddly for some reason. I mean who does that? Do you love her or no? (Sorry if I may seem rude 😁)
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 May 29, 2016
Mary k now you see that was the biggest mistake that you ever took by marrying don or mark whatever you wanr to call him.girl you need stop remernishing on the freaking past with you and don and focus on catch your husband in the act of cheating on you girl.
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 May 29, 2016
Don your really a ladies man and you want stay faithful to mary kate if marry her or not.mary kate is a sweet nice gentle peron and don't you dare hurt her feelings or cheat on her while you are married to her which I know that you will.