My Personal Danger

My Personal Danger

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Kerna St Fort By XBrooklyn13CubX Updated Dec 22, 2017

I closed my eyes tightly feeling the heat hit me in crashing waves. It's too hot, it feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly in my gut. My lungs can't seem to hold enough air as if there were a pile of bricks sitting on my chest. I can't do this anymore. 

"You okay Payton?" Trisha asked as she pushed her foot on the gas pelt making the car move a little faster. I ignored her, trying to suck in enough air to stay conscious. Though closed lids I could hear the rapid tapping of her fingernails on the stirring wheel, a habit that she does when she's nervous. "Payton please answer me, I'm worried." 

"Trisha, it's getting worse and I don't think that I can keep up with this anymore" I cried out. Looks like the heat has finally got to me in the worst way possible.

This is the sequel/ continuation/ second book to 'My Personal Trainer' :D 
This is R-rated for a reason kiddies! :P But I'll warn you before hand.
Werewolf, Action, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Teen Fiction!

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Cait27398 Cait27398 Aug 20, 2014
I read the first book and absolutely loved it please update this one I want to know what happens
naelijulianne naelijulianne Aug 10, 2014
it's almost been a year! update soon or let us know when you plan on updating.
mollymall mollymall Jul 23, 2014
loved the first book and this one is staring. off really good.. hope u update soon..
LarryDestielLovers LarryDestielLovers Jul 07, 2014
Update please!!! I JUST STARTED READING the books today, you had me wanting to know what happens next and I love em. I was excited to get to this one, and you just need to update!!! Because I'm in love with your bookssssss
kstenseth kstenseth Jun 19, 2014
Sorry for freaking out i have no life and its summer... I live in wattpadland so I'm excited
kstenseth kstenseth Jun 19, 2014
Update update update!!!!! I am DYING to know the whole story OMGOMG OMG OMG i cant breathe please update