[The Bet]

[The Bet]

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{Currently editing} 
WARNING: this was written during the most awkward stage of my life so don't even attempt to read if you can't stand clichés bc if you opened up a dictionary and flipped to the definition of 'cliché' you would see the cover of this book im not even lying when i say read at your own risk.

"How about you make a bet with me, Oh Sehun? We can make this whole 'pretending' thing a lot more interesting for the both of us." I grinned coyly, taking a step closer to him. He raised a brow, but didn't move an inch otherwise. 

"What's the bet?" He squinted his eyes suspiciously, but I noticed a glint of curiosity in them. 

I chuckled, even I admit it's sort of a stupid idea.

Nonetheless, I think it'll be fun.

 "I bet I can make you fall for me first." 

        He widened his eyes, but eventually tilted his lips upwards in a slight smirk.

                        "You're on, Byun Baekhyun."

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cameron-exo cameron-exo Jan 14
"I expected a cold, emotionless boy, not this adorable ball of fluff." ... said every new EXO-L  ever
NataliePMC NataliePMC Sep 01, 2017
He has rainbow hair Baek, wtf "Emotionless boy" 😂😂😂
yixingiexo yixingiexo Jan 11, 2017
I'm excited 
                              This is the first SeBaek fanfic I'm reading bc I'm starting to like hardcore ship them now so XD