Divergent Sex

Divergent Sex

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Riley Roxx By divergentgeeek Updated Aug 05, 2018

When Tris and Tobias have a fast paced relationship around a war filled city. Who knows what can happen?

When the Factionless attack Eriudite, the romantic duo have to make hard choices and ultimately sacrifice themselves.

Will these two lovers make it to the end?

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forgot2ndw forgot2ndw Nov 30, 2017
she is going to be called six and four is four and thay well have a kid name five
                              [ yeah boi]
cringeyrat cringeyrat Dec 06, 2017
please work on ur spelling and grammar. the storys great but the spelling and grammar is uncomfortable
layaharts layaharts Aug 18, 2016
don't do it if you don't want to.
                              if he really loved you, he would wait.
                              but smut yes go on