Books That Kept Me Up All Night

Books That Kept Me Up All Night

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Are you fed up of all those cliché bad-boy or werewolf books out there? Well here you can find new books, books that will give you the ultimate feel. Books that will make you fall in love with the characters. Books that will make you cry, laugh or even irritated. 

Books that will keep you up all night.

Remember, never judge a book by it cover. 

Most of the books reviewed here are completed. I prefer reading completed books rather than waiting 3 years for an update. Especially if the book is awesome and had a cliffhanger. 

Just to give you a small information about this: 
1- I do not read cliche bad boy books, I am so over them. They make me cringe, sorry.

2-  I also do not read werewolf books or vampires, maybe just two or one throughout my life. 

3- This review book does not contain any lgbt books. Not that I am against them or I hate them so dont start judging. Its just not my type of books. 


So enjoy reading everyone. 

This book contains reviews and rankings from my point of views. Its not necessary that you love the book like I did. This is just my opinion. 

Notice: Non of the books here belong to me. All credit goes to the awesome authors.

rolosucker rolosucker May 01
I have read it and yes, it's a must-read novel. It's so good I've read it all over again.
I just finished this book and I liked it so damn much! Thank you for the recommendation 💙
This book was awesome. More books need to be written like chasing red
I really love this one ! And it kept me up all night 😃😄
MrAubergine MrAubergine Jul 03, 2016
THIS BOOK gave me so much feelings!!! Like I could fully feel there emotions, especially Caleb's, had me wishing I had a Caleb of my own
Lickerfish Lickerfish Oct 01, 2016
It's really cool how you give honest reviews of books <3 I admire that <3 great work <3 can you please check out my story I just updated it please vote for it thank you