That Kid (TicciMask)

That Kid (TicciMask)

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Hudnall-Senpai By hudnall-senpai Updated Oct 25, 2017

Masky and Hoodie have been sent into the woods to find a boy that they had very little information on to be the new proxy. 

His name is Toby


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BrokenToy BrokenToy Sep 17, 2017
At Least You Got It Right, I've Read Some TicciMask Where They Can't Even Get The Name Right....
aobaxnoizxclear aobaxnoizxclear Oct 26, 2017
Me: *sets Jeff on fire * Toby save him 
                              Toby: * pours gasoline on Jeff * burn bish 
                              Jeff: YOU DÏÇK
Im happy about one thing.
                              I dont have C.I.P.A
                              IF i did
                              my arms would be scarred and id be dead.
                              Since suicide is painful.
                              IF i had C.I.P.A
                              I would've been dead
                              But id be happy
k-aleidoscope k-aleidoscope Nov 23, 2017
tbh i'd want c.i.p.a. but i wouldnt know if id ever broke a bone or somethin (i havent and i sound kinda dumb for wanting something like that so sorry bout that idek hah)
RinkSuya RinkSuya Dec 31, 2017
I have Schizophrenia, Tourette syndrome, Amnesia, Insomnia, and I feel much less pain than others.
LunaRosewood1 LunaRosewood1 Mar 05, 2017
I have all, plus insomnia, depression, and others I have forgot about