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My Best-friend Is My Vampire Sex Slave

My Best-friend Is My Vampire Sex Slave

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Heart By DiorKisses Updated Sep 15, 2013

Description:   I flashed my fangs and pierced her neck. Blood spilled and I found myself over doing it. What can I say I'm a sucker for blood.  "Focus." I said to myself.  I ran my fingers through her long brunette hair and felt how soft her lips were. Than I moved down and wiped the blood from her neck. I was going to go lower, but I rather save that for the bed.  I bit my wrist and sucked the blood that was coming out. I looked at Angeline kinda feeling guilty, but not guilty enough to stop what I'm doing. I kissed her, putting my blood in her mouth.  Angeline woke up, trying to get me to stop kissing her. I held her wrist, so she can stop hitting me. When I finished I looked to see her eyes were red and fangs were showing from her beautiful mouth. She barely could breath.  She got off of me and started coughing.  "You don't need oxygen," I said, sitting infront of her. "You need blood."     What would you do if someone you don't even know turn you into a vampire and forces you to be their slave? Well seventeen year Angeline is being force to be eighteen year old Trevor's sex slave. She is being force to live and sleep with him. But at the same time she is noticing some un-natural feelings for him.  "You must never get close to a vampire if you do, their gaze will enslave you."

Heyy02 Heyy02 Jun 27, 2016
Why do all the pictures ppl be looking like models but the rest of us be looking like a burnt potato
Zombie190350 Zombie190350 May 07, 2016
Lol knew it was vampire knight. I called it! I was reading the description and I made a prediction "so this is like vampire knight guilty (second season) but without a zero. So basically kaname is dominant and yuuki is the slave... strange but it works!!!"
biwie-dawn biwie-dawn Sep 14, 2015
Vampire Knight Guilty reference!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (BTW that's an anime)
Exolover2020 Exolover2020 Jul 31, 2015
Vampire Knight!
                              Even the name Angelina cross is based in Yuki cross's name
Beautiful_Hybrid Beautiful_Hybrid Sep 05, 2014
Luv how u use the names of yuki cross nd kanime kuran....i just hate how they're *cough cough* (not gonna say it if u don't kno it or haven't finished seeing it)
JusticeLinicome JusticeLinicome Aug 13, 2014
I like your description...its really good, can i put this it makes sense...