The Power Of Attraction

The Power Of Attraction

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For 5 years, Addie was deliriously happy with her boyfriend, Zach. Madly in love, they'd planned their whole lives together. When an unexpected event causes their break-up, however, Addie finds herself having to deal with the fact that she'll see her ex-boyfriend at college every day. 

Experiencing the pain of seeing the guy she loves date other girls, Addie strives to move on with her life. It's not easy, though, when Zach is trying his very hardest to ensure that she doesn't fall in love with anyone else, whether that's her hockey coach or her best friend. Addie soon begins to wonder whether Zach is really trying to stop her falling in love with other guys, or if he's just trying to ensure that she doesn't fall out of love with him.



[[I wrote this story when I was much younger and it's in serious need of editing -- read at your own risk!]]

[Completed July 2012]

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CMLover0987 CMLover0987 Jul 01
Which book do I read first, this one, or the power of love??
c_jhansen c_jhansen Jul 10
Didn't he know? They literally discussed it the first time they met
qveenesther qveenesther Apr 17
Honestly this is why I always say that if you ain't married, ain't got no kids to worry about whatever important life decisions you have to make like college,work choices etc you have to do what you want for you not for anyone, because no one's permanent in your life
qveenesther qveenesther Apr 17
No form of cheating is acceptable no matter the reason (except it's a life and death situation  )
qveenesther qveenesther Apr 17
Then the break up was stupid.  This is just a misunderstanding. Honestly Addie like if he so closed minded and immature then he doesn't deserve you
im literally just going through all your series and im pretty sure this is my last one im sad