I Never Meant Yo Hurt You  (WillDip Yaoi)

I Never Meant Yo Hurt You (WillDip Yaoi)

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billflyingdorito By billflyingdorito Completed

Will sat in a dark room tears and blood mixed up. His shirt torn up in different way. His hands were chained up to the ceiling buy long enough to reach the floor.

The door open there stood the man he once love but now fear off. Dipper Gleeful the man who ruin his chance on getting Will's heart, the one who hurt him & the one who kill Will slowly.

Dipper walk closer to Will, as he try calm himself down and try not to freak out but fail. "Hello there, Will" he said and closer towards him.

"J-just k-k-kill me al...already...." Will said with full fear in his voice.

"Not yet, Will. I like to see you suffer" Dipper said and grab Will by his hair and slam him by the wall. Will whince in pain. "W-why?"

"Shut up!" He yelled and slap him across the face that sent him down. Dipper walk out the room without a word nor glancing the man he really love.

Will did nothing but just cry and try to yell but nothing came. Just quiet sobs.

Behind the door, Dipper slid down holding his head in his h...

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it-waFELL it-waFELL May 02
Sorry to point this out but, Dipper Gleeful kind of fears Mabel Gleeful due to her being a bit more crazier and bloodthirsty.
Mabel is nice thats good in most stories she is meaner then Dipper
This is going to make me cry...it's why to early to cry!!!😢😢😢
Who did this to my uncle!?! Tell me!!! I will murder them!!!!
My heart it actually throbbing! Why do this to Will why?!😢😢😢
Eli_Winters Eli_Winters Apr 23
*begins twitching* (I am actually twitching at the moment) GLEEFUL! YOU GET BACK HERE AND LET ME KILL YOU! *chases after Dipper in chaos demon form*