Mascot Madness

Mascot Madness

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deathbylaurensthighs By deathbylaurensthighs Updated Oct 07, 2016

The Miami High Knights are one of the best high schools in all categories throughout the city of Miami and most of Florida. Their football team has gone to state multiple times and has many undefeated seasons, as well as an incredibly talented cheerleading team. One of their most valuable cheerleaders is actually their mascot, the Knight. The Knight is the most popular person at Miami High, promoting school spirit, performing amazing stunts, and winning over every student with their charismatic charm. However, no one knows the true identity of the school mascot, and the entire student body has been eager to know who their beloved mascot has been for four years. 

Camila Cabello is the second most popular person at Miami High, and she doesn't know why. But with her sweet smile, amazing looks, and stunning personality, the rest of the students are head over heels for the girl. Camila has remained single for all of high school, turning down date offer after date offer, everyone assumes she just plays hard to get, but the girl has her own reasons for staying single. 

Lauren Jauregui is the least spirited person in Miami High's history, never attending a single pep rally or sporting event. She is calm and closed off, associating herself with few people. Lauren is an expert at slipping under the radar, and that's how she plans to finish out her senior year of high school while simultaneously continuing to crush on the perfect Camila Cabello from afar. 

With Senior year beginning, Miami High is buzzing with anticipation of discovering the identity of their Knight in spirited armor, Camila is concentrating on getting into college while repelling the captain of the football team, and Lauren just wants to graduate.

(Cover by the super rad and amazing slothtato)

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Oh sorry Mani, the story was on a budget do they couldn't afford to have you as well... Had to cast some random dude 🤷
Yes canola.... The mascot will take you at some point. Paitienc horny bish
Sorry, too lost in Knightmila to worry about Camren.
                              Knightmila is endgame
i cant take this mascot seriously omg but i'll try cuz it's prolly lauren so
azel_tumaca azel_tumaca Aug 13
I was laughing and saying "not all gays wear flannels. that's so typical" and then I realised I was wearing one. f*ck.
But Lauren you're gayer than a unicorn farting rainbow sprinkles