Alpha Mate (Editing)

Alpha Mate (Editing)

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*EDITING UPDATE* The editing is being done on a few chapters form the very beginning that I am not happy with. Currently my goals are to re-write the first ten chapters, possibly more. 

First day of school, and you met him. A boy that both frustrated you, and attracted you. But what happens when you learn of his secret after getting bitten? And What more happens when you begin to learn of your family's troubled past with the pack?

Following a small love triangle, family drama, and romance; read about it all in my story Alpha Mate.

((Original Story was on Quotev, but I eventually moved over to Wattpad. It seemed simpler to me.))

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And you say the popular girls are bitches. At least they aren't going around blaming people for their problems.
DraganettShade DraganettShade Nov 05, 2017
We had a rule that if the teacher didn't arrive to class within fifteen minutes then we could go homr
My eyes kind of look like that. They are pale blue with a thin golden line close to my pupils.
DraganettShade DraganettShade Nov 05, 2017
Oh dammit please say we are either playing something that has to do with me using a bat
I was so happy to see the two preppy girls get partnered up.
Thank you, I have been trying to get that though this dense bitches head.