Alpha Mate (Editing)

Alpha Mate (Editing)

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*EDITING UPDATE* The editing is being done on a few chapters form the very beginning that I am not happy with. Currently my goals are to re-write the first ten chapters, possibly more. 

First day of school, and you met him. A boy that both frustrated you, and attracted you. But what happens when you learn of his secret after getting bitten? And What more happens when you begin to learn of your family's troubled past with the pack?

Following a small love triangle, family drama, and romance; read about it all in my story Alpha Mate.

((Original Story was on Quotev, but I eventually moved over to Wattpad. It seemed simpler to me.))

Crazy=Genius P!ATD or American Idiot by green day i love those songs
I always have nightmares about being late to a class or confused about a class. I hate it !
There's nothing holding me back Shawn Mendes or still got time and befour by zayn
Havent Had Enough by Mariana's Trench or Hold the Line by Toto.
MidnightFalling MidnightFalling Jul 06, 2016
The Wolf. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅  that's the song I like
Zombiechick777 Zombiechick777 Aug 19, 2016
Yeah, year 7 is always scary………………and now that I'm in year 8…………………I'm even more scared XD