Like Totally 2

Like Totally 2

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Korrie By TheGirlThatLaughs_ Updated Mar 13

When a Knight and his Princess take on life together in the Big Apple with their son in tow there are bound to be moments that will make them go crazy. Things have been fairly easy for them after such a dramatic end to high school but now revenge is sprouting and not everyone is up to living a happily ever after until past debts are settled and the actual storybook is served. 

If you thought there was all to read in Like Totally, you ain't read nothing yet. 

This is Like Totally 2! 

WARNING: Strong Language and a case of the bubble guys ( : 
Created By: TheGirlThatLaughs_
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                              Only because they're giants...get it?
OMG,this book is completely amazing,I love it.........the fact that a t I love it more than Locked............  that means it flawless
Aww. Just like his father. Im crying. Bc its more drama. But i love it. Im going crazy.
Ummm...she's in the tub and Colton allows Scott to stare at her nakedness?
"just take your time best friend" ODMAHHAHksjwhsh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
I thought she's crying cause Coltons like leaving for a game or something but A JAW LINE ?! 😂😂😂