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Tati By tlc_iz_me Completed

18 year old Tara has no memory of when she was a small child except when she was about 5 years old when a vampire tried to attack her and a werewolf and a  vampire hunter named Ben saved her life. Not knowing what happened to the wolf until she moves from Jackson, New Jersey to Forks, Washington were she meets Jacob Black. Or should I say reintroduced to him? 

This is a fan fiction based on the twilight series. So the twilight characters will be in this do not say I am copying please. Renesme is in this, Jacob just didn't imprint on her. The vampires don't glitter in the sun they will be able to walk fine in the sun. There is such thing as a pure blood, meaning the vampires who were born that way instead of bitten and changed into one. The eye color thing is going to be really mixed up a lot. Golden eyes for vampires who drink animal blood and red for those who drink human. Some vampires will have normal colored eyes but that would mean that they are living off of blood tablets, which are pills to take place of the craving for blood but never fully satisfy. If they are dark, like almost black, then that means they are hungry and need to drink some blood.  All right's reserved to Stephanie Meyer on twilight. I know the note from before is kind of crappy but this is my first fanfiction. Please read , vote, comment, and follow. I follow back:)

mitski28 mitski28 May 10
Low key seems like a vampire knight crossover but love it anyway
SissyMoon17 SissyMoon17 Jan 16
Okay this all the way until the wolf part reminds me of the anime Vampire Night when we see part of Yukis past as a "human"child when she meet Kaname.(Ik I misspelled him name)
kpopfangirl15 kpopfangirl15 Dec 20, 2016
When I read the description and I saw the word pallets I was like "Is this a somewhat story based off of Vampire Knight and Twilight?" I think its cool in my opinion. Vampire Knight was the first anime I saw.
- - May 10, 2015
Oh my gosh Jacob found the love of his life/existence or whatever but he found the one
awkward_skittles awkward_skittles May 13, 2014
lol next time you should use a baseball bat or a crow bar.
                              (twilight reference XD )