Pregnant with Draco's baby

Pregnant with Draco's baby

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When Draco takes up residence, at Hermione's house, after their one night stand. She just can't get him to leave.

They enjoy banter and arguments, but how will Hermione cope, with Draco's constant flirting?

Little did they know something bigger came out of the one night stand, other than a fucked up relationship.

Something accidental, that brought two former enemies together

orderofdapheonix orderofdapheonix Dec 21, 2016
Vanny0225 Vanny0225 Dec 04, 2016
I remember his interview! He tweeted "goodnight from my bed in London." Then he got a comment back saying "can I Slytherin?" Tom said that GIRL almost got a tweet back. 😂
annikanw annikanw Nov 28, 2016
I'n n m married cause of this lin 
                              And some other potter ones
slughornz slughornz Jan 08
this is like the 3rd time reading this book and i still can't imagine hermione yelling the killing curse lmao
Azeflower Azeflower Dec 21, 2016
Shitz no matter how many times ive seen it being used...I STILL LOVE IT
MaddalinMorgan MaddalinMorgan Dec 08, 2016
That moment when you wish HBO made harry potter fanfics into tv shows 😉