Pregnant with Draco's baby (Dramione)

Pregnant with Draco's baby (Dramione)

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Mia 💥 By Always_a_slytherin Updated Jun 12

Hermione Granger is heartbroken, her ex-boyfriend Ron Weasley is newly engaged to Lavender Brown. 

She just wants to forget and that's exactly what she does. Drunk and disorderly, who does she run into but her former classmate: Draco Malfoy. 

Then the next thing she knows, Hermione is leaning over her toilet bowl the next morning, literally puking out all of her insides, with a naked Draco Malfoy behind her holding her hair back.

What did they do last night?

Cover by @khmbrleya

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I love this story. But if u no longer find it interesting to write it's ok because u would find it even more of a drag. It's better to leave it as is, than ruining a masterpiece of a lovely Romantic-com which I see this story as.
-blacktea -blacktea Jun 08
NOOOO CONTINUE! or if you want to it depends on you and your time ;)
Slysweetie Slysweetie Jun 09
I know exactly how you feel . I feel the same way about my fanfiction bittersweet
It is up to you, I am not going to pressure you into writing this story if you don't want to continue writing it but whatever you decide to do I will be fine with it because it is your story and it is your choice weather you continue to write it or not.
Please continuee I still want to know what will happen to the baby and what will happen to draco and hermione when the baby's already there
chy0812 chy0812 Jun 08
You've gotta keep going I love this book. And maybe take a short break from it take time for yourself but just come back to it don't competent stop