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in which his tutor gets more intriguing by the day

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STARTED : MARCH 15, 2016

italyac italyac Jan 07
why is everyone saying they know that place y'all got a connection or something
dontxcth dontxcth Nov 30, 2016
I used to do this for fun. Lmao my sister is in a pharmacy program and I did these with her
_NotYas _NotYas Dec 08, 2016
I was going to apply to Hampton but then I was like nah I'll apply to VSU
dontxcth dontxcth Jan 06
Okay so my mom goes to her work friends parties with me and finds one person within 5yrs of my age and makes us exchange numbers and social media handles
Beasley_Dinah Beasley_Dinah Dec 31, 2016
Amaziah....writing this name down on the list of names I want for my kids
Magicdjck__ Magicdjck__ Oct 11, 2016
Finally a story with zayn and a black girl like damn. I'm tired of all these white people