Playboy [BoyXBoy]

Playboy [BoyXBoy]

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Shorter Guy Is Tops By shorterguyistops Completed


I had never been a lucky guy.

But could a seemingly average boy, with a kinky secret, change that?

[WARNING: This story contains sexual content, BDSM and mature language]

ReadTil1AM ReadTil1AM Jun 17
I learned something new. I never knew cum smelled like bleach!!
shoey102 shoey102 May 12
Sorry to tell you but I am not a human. But I do bid you a 'Hello' as well.
woahkellic woahkellic Aug 08
I'm thinking of a Family Guy episode where Peter signs up for "Grindler" and it turned out to be an app to meet up with meat eaters. And a guy Peter met up with was named "Meatballfreak" 😂😂
Laurelifan Laurelifan Jul 04
I had to put my phone down for a second... This is already too much
I read that as LesterDaddy and I was like "Phil stop and go back to topping Dan thanks"
It's amazing how one little senario can spark so many stories from different people