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Selena's POV 

As i flicker my eyes open i sit up hearing my phone ring making me groan as i reach for it and answer.

"Hello?" I groaned tiredly as i rub my eye trying to get used to the bright light shining into my white room.

"Good your awake Selena i need you in the studio ASAP" My manager , Bradford says making me groan once again as I stand up.

"Fine ill be there in 20 min" i said hanging up as i walk into my bathroom turning on the shower than turn on the radio as i get undressed than walk into the hot shower and let the water fall on my naked body. Finally i get out wrapping a towel around my body than walk into my room picking out my outfit put it on than i do my make up and finally my hair.... Than i finally leave getting into my ford and drive off to the studio. ( selena's outfit above ) 

As i finally arrive to the studio i try hard to cover myself up so no paparazzi will catch me and take pictures lucky i got inside just in time

"Good your here lets get into my office" ...

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moongxmez moongxmez Jun 02, 2016
queen selena👑 she's a goddess wym? but an angel too anyways so😇
moongxmez moongxmez Jun 02, 2016
you could've just said netflix and chill justin. it would've been easier for you to say😏😏
moongxmez moongxmez Jun 02, 2016
by comfy do you mean...naked? 😏 cause queen selena wouldn't mind.