A World Without Spring (BXB) ✔️

A World Without Spring (BXB) ✔️

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Magic, gay love, and a deadly competition- what more could a boy's love novel offer?

In their world, there is only one season: Winter. In this tundra world nearly devoid of life, humans rely on magic to survive. Magic is everything. Each year, parents send their adult children to select schools across the globe in the hopes that they will become warriors and astute magicians; this year, in particular, the reincarnation of a hero of the gods is attending Wordwind- where he will face a rising darkness threatening the entire world. His partner?

A boy who can't use magic. 

Together, the two of them must figure out the truth behind their pasts, their present, and their love- before life as they know it is destroyed. Enter their icy world of twists, turns, action, and romance: a world without Spring.