Forever with him (ON HOLD)

Forever with him (ON HOLD)

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Bushra Zahin By hikari_kei2003 Updated Nov 25, 2016

Shirayuki Madoka is a 20 year old beautiful girl who is a great ninja.

She came from the Madoka clan which was massacred when she was 5 but her mother was able to save her.

She ended up in Konoha and got adopted by Kushina and Minato. 1 years later when Shirayuki was 6, Kushina and Minato had another child called Naruto but unfortunately they died because of the 9 tails.

Kushina and Minato told Shirayuki to look after Naruto and not become a cold hearted person. Shirayuki agreed and did as told.

She took care of Naruto as he grew up and since she was also an Uchiha she was good friends with Itachi and Sasuke.

One day Itachi became a rouge and left the clan, leaving only Shirayuki and Sasuke alive. Shirayuki then began taking care of both Sasuke and Naruto trying not to let the feelings she held for Itachi get in the way of her life or her brothers happiness.

One day she was kidnapped by the Akatsuki and was forced to join them meaning she would have to face the one she loved, Itachi Uchiha.

Will fate bring these two people together again?

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kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka Dec 21, 2016
                              shiruyuki: I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU
                              me: you do now
                              Shiruyuki: true wait what about itachi 
                              Me:nothing *secretly thinking about blue eyes black haired babies*
Kitt_Catt Kitt_Catt Dec 14, 2016
Itachi has some competition XD
                              He ain't the prodigy no more 😂😂😂😂