Loving You With Hatred || b.w.s

Loving You With Hatred || b.w.s

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⚫️A L E X⚫️ By Alexx_Simpsonn Completed

"Why are you even talking to me? You should be with those 13 year olds." 
"Why be with them when I could be with you?" 
"Because I don't like you, dumbass." 
"What did I do?" 
"You have over 3 million fans, and you're talking to me." 
"So I can't talk to new people?" 
"Not to me."
"But you're pretty cute."
"And you're pretty cheesy." 
"Come on, boo." 
"Don't you dare call me 'boo' ever again." 
"Oh shit feisty, I like that." 
"Stop cussing at me." 
"I have a reason to," 
"I have to go now beauts, give me you're number?" 
"Yeah it's get out of my life." 



Copyright: @2015
This book contains: swearing, smut, self-harming, and depression

Read at your own risk✔️

did you have your location on cause I'll hunt you and kill you
Ok I love her attitude but hate her perspective on them 😂
glitterbug03 glitterbug03 Aug 01, 2016
AWHHH you guys are best friends goals,
                              I have no friends tho xD
BradSimpsonslover BradSimpsonslover Jul 15, 2016
Hey, I accepted "I don't like the vamps", but  justin bieber in 2009 being horrible is pushing it.
JackieBrink JackieBrink Sep 03, 2016
I had a crush on Justin Bieber in 2nd grade. That was 6 years ago.
storiesiia storiesiia Dec 16, 2016
Omg this reminds me of Startstruck on Disney channel 😂😂😂