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Fraxus oneshots

Fraxus oneshots

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freedfangirl By freedfangirl Updated Feb 01

Cute fraxus oneshots enjoy!

YaoiLover5600 YaoiLover5600 Oct 29, 2016
*insert le Lenny face* Freed wants some "milk" 😏 
                              I'm sorry I'll leave XD
Oh no you don't, Sparky!
                              DO YOU REALIZE HOW FREED FEELS?!
                              COME HERE, I'LL TEACH YOU A LESSON!
aquadarkrose aquadarkrose Nov 24, 2016
*drops angel blade* AW!!!! Good I thought I was gonna have to kill some people. *picks up blade* now if you'll excuse me next ship is Michifer!!! *sees Michael and Luci running away* hahaha you wish you could get away that easy!!!!
Says the guy who hurt him. I still do not trust you. *squinting eyes* ( ̄^ ̄)( ̄へ ̄)
*dark aura rising*
                              Find. Laxus.
                              YOUR DAMN GRANDSON HURT FREED!
                              ELEMENTAL DRAGON'S ROAR!
But not in that way ~lets out a groan ~ your suppose to work for it