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phan smut one shots

phan smut one shots

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meme prince ✿ By danandphilgaymes Updated Dec 30, 2015

I feel like my Phan One Shots are just getting filled with smut, so I decided to make a separate volume dedicated to all of my smut so that the innocent children don't have to put up with my shit anymore. This is going to be sinful.

Phansies Phansies Jan 14
How does one yank on air.
                              What has Dan not been telling us
flabbb flabbb Feb 08
I HAVE NEVER. What even is masturbating? I've NEVER heard of such a thing. Porn? Is that a breed of dog? WHATS A SMUT?
Phansmut_ Phansmut_ 7 days ago
I didn't even question the lace underwear, I saw it as normal
Phansmut_ Phansmut_ 7 days ago
My friend didn't understand what thirsty means so I had to explain it to her. She's 15 and reads smut. Fml.
Y'all I have a problem I have like 4 smut phan one shots in my library and I can't find any more good ones help (this one seems promising tho
Phansmut_ Phansmut_ 7 days ago
Take a look at the girl (me) next door
                              She's a player(*reader) and a damn right sore
                              Jesus loves her, she wants more (smut)